News & Updates

The Twilighters June 1st 2016

We got the Twilight golf season off to a great start yesterday afternoon
with 16 of us playing a Net Chapman Best Ball.  The weather was fine and
the mosquitoes thought so too!

Here are the results:
1st Place:  Dan Forbes, Rich Sample, Julie Burrage and Kaye Crandall (27)
2nd Place:  Jim Burrage, Bill Billesbach, Carol Pierce and Sue Hooson (31)
3rd Place:  Lisa Hanson, Carol Billesbach, Mary Long and Gloria Fisk (32)
Men's KP Hole 5:  Rich S
Women's KP Hole 5 (name drawn, no one on green):  Carol B

After golf we gathered at the restaurant for drinks and Gary and crew
provided complimentary pizzas which were excellent!  He was trying out a
number of new recipes and I don't think I can choose a favorite...they
were all very tasty!

Wednesday June 29 is the next time Kaye and I are available to organize
a a Twilight and will be happy to do that, but if any of you want one
before then and want to do the organizing for it, please feel free!  We
can help you with sending out the e-mail to the list, etc.

Thanks to all that was fun!

Carol and Kaye

August 5th Twilighters

Hello there Twilighters,

Last evening was quite cool and windy...perfect for the "hot" 
competition of the 16 Twilight golfers, and perfect for the yummy chili, 
garlic bread, salad and rice dinner (not to mention the chocolate 
cookies!) at the Honeycomb Lodge.  We welcomed John Ostrem to the group 
for his first twilight.  He is visiting the Burrages and helping with 
construction of a new deck at their home up on the back nine.  We also 
welcomed back for their second event, the Roberts (Jim and Diane) and 
Gordy Strand (Ann's husband).

We played a speed scramble with a max of 3 drives and 3 second shots 
from each player and the top three teams ended up tied and the fourth 
team only 2 shots back.
Here are the results:

1st Place:  Ann Reynolds, Lisa Hanson, John Ostrem, Kaye Crandall (39, 
won with a 5 on hole 9)
2nd Place:  Jim Roberts, Sue Hooson, Rich Sample, Carol Pierce (39, 6 on 
hole 9, beat 3rd place team with a 5 on hole 4)
3rd Place:  Dave Reynolds, Ann Strand, Bob Hooson, Diane Roberts (39, 6 
on hole 4)

2nd Shot KP on Hole 3:  Men-Dave Reynolds, Women-Lou Greenlee
KP on hole 5:  Men-Gordy Strand, Women-(name drawn)-Lisa Hanson

Our next event is August 19.  You will receive an e-mail about a week in 
advance to remind you to sign up.

See you out there!

July 1st twilighters

It was a warm evening.  16 intrepid Twilighters set out for 9 holes of sweaty fun this evening, followed by a wonderful chicken dinner, with sides of pasta salad, green salad and bread.  Yum!!

We welcomed Jim Burrage (condo owner at KG with wife Julie and soon to be owners of a home next door to the Reynolds) as a new player. 

Here are the results of our speed scramble:

1st Place team:  Rich Sample, Dan Forbes, Linda Bockelmann and Kaye Crandall  37
2nd Place team:  Bill Billesbach, Dan Bockelmann, Sue Sample and Linda Cook  38
3rd Place team:  Thom Cook, Dave Reynolds, Carol Pierce and Ann Reynolds  42 (won in scorecard playoff that went back from hole 9 all the way to 6)
4th Place team:  Jim Burrage, Mary Long, Carol Billesbach and Ann Strand  42

KP Hole 2 (no one landed on green, both winners by name draw):  Carol P and Dan B
KP Hole 3:  Carol Billesbach 32 ft. 4 in.,  Dan Forbes 17 ft. 1 in.

The next Twilight is July 15.  Following that is August 5, August 19, September 2 and September 23. 

We'll send out a reminder and signup request about a week ahead of the next Twilight. 

Thanks to all involved was fun!

Twilighters June 10th

Twilight does Team Chapman

We had 16 players last evening, 5 men and 11 women, and played a Chapman
format with a twist.  The two 2-person teams in each foursome combined
their net scores to determine the winners and here's what happened:

1st Place:  Linda Bockelmann & Carol Pierce (34), Thom Cook & Hal Olsson
(34)    Team score 68
2nd Place:  Bob Hooson & Ken Brown (38), Ulla Olsson & Sue Sample
(36)            Team score 74
3rd Place:  Norm Watts & Sue Hooson (39), Janelle Brown & Pat Watts
(36)          Team score 75

Were it not for an unfortunate 2 stroke penalty for hitting the wrong
ball (actually right ball but out of turn), the team of Linda Cook &
Kaye Crandall (39) and Lisa Hanson & Carol Billesbach (37)  Team score
76  would have taken 2nd place.

Long Drive:  Linda B and Norm W
KP on Hole 2:  Both by name draw, Ken Brown and Lisa Hanson

We had burgers and salad at the Honeycomb Lodge afterwards.

June 4th Men's league results

Closest to: Dave Bissonnette on hole #5 & Rob Casad on hole # 15.   Team scramble event winners were Joe Turner, Randy Pelton, Cleve Borth & Willie Moore.  A fun day was had by all!


May 28th Mens club results

They played a 123, using 1 net on the first hole, 2 net on the second hole & 3 net on the 3rd hole.  Repeating on all 18 holes. Bob Hoosen, Terry Gates, Rich Sample & John Van Eyke were the winners with a 119.  The second place team had a 123. They had 2 closest to's on the second shot from Joe Turner on hole # 7 & Steve Olson on hole 10.  Bob Hoosen & Rich Sample also got a duece.  Sounds like a great day was had by all!  They will be playing a scramble on June 4th.


The course is in the best shape ever.  Although snowfall was low, it did a big favor to our fairways & greens.  Mosquito spraying is underway with an all natural early morning spray daily.  The driving range suffered from ice buildup this past winter.  A few nets had to be replaced but is now open.  Stop by the proshop to get a bucket.  See you on the course!


New Website Launch!
April 20, 2015
We are excited to announce the launch of our brand new website for the 2015 season!  Designed for both members and future guests, the website features online tee time reservations, online booking for lodging, and information pages for visitors to the area.  This is just the first of many new 'faces' of the Glen we look forward to rolling out over the coming year.


Men's Club
Our Men's Club plays every Thursday morning.  Tee off is at 9AM


Ladies Club
Our ladies club plays every Tuesday morning at 8:30.  It's a great group of local ladies with a passion for the game and sportsmanship!  If you're interested in participating or would like more information, send e-mail to for sign ups.